Lake Pleasant hot spots and tracking information

•October 27, 2009 • 1 Comment

After having my first experience catching and releasing 5 striped bass between 10-14 inches and really learning to get a feel for how they attack the bait, what depth they were at, and what types of techniques worked I began to think about how I could catch a much bigger fish. So I began to wonder where are the hot spots where these fish most frequent. What do they eat. How big do they get.

So to start off I researched the Arizona State record Striped Bass. Indeed it was caught at lake pleasant and was a whopping 27lbs. So i have a reference point of the size of fish i would like to go after. So after a few hours of research i came across a study that the AZFGD did back in 2004-2006. They caught and tracked 10 fish and monitored through different stations where these fish tended to frequent the most. Now the fish all ranged in different sizes with the largest being 6lbs 7ounces. Here are the details of where these fish traveled.tracking